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Roof and rain

Why Choose Roof & Wall Coatings For Your Home?

At Protec, we provide quality roof and wall coatings that benefit your home in many ways. Exterior protection is important for any building. We offer Renotec roof sealants and ProPERLA for the walls, so you can be confident in the work that we do. You can also benefit from quick installation times so you can immediately start to see the results.

Here are just some reasons why you should choose to get this service for your house.

Improved Aesthetic

There are many pigment options available to choose for both roof and wall coatings to suit your taste. For your roof, there are 10 colours available to choose from, so you can benefit from improved aesthetic. If you’re looking to boost your kerb appeal, ensure you arrange an appointment today. As well as this, the masonry will remain looking great for a long time because dirt is less likely to take hold on the surface.

Roof And Wall Coatings: Water Protection

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of our wall coatings are that they are super hydrophobic and breathable. This means that water will not stick to the surface an will instead run off. This helps to reduce water absorption into the walls and prevent issues that arise from this. As the paints used are also breathable, it lets water escape and thus create a healthier environment. It prevents damp from penetrating into the house, and also discourages the growth of moss and algae.

Insulating Barrier

Roof and wall coatings also provide an extra layer on the outside of a building. As this layer reduces  water absorption by over 93%, the walls are dryer and this means less heat loss. The coverings add an insulation and thermal barrier against the outside temperature. This can contribute to more comfortable temperatures inside your home.

Prolongs The Life Of The Building

With roof and wall coatings, as the surface has a layer of protection, they can prolong the life of the structure. Cracks and structural damage appear over time through weathering, however, with an extra coating you can prevent these issues from occurring. Ultimately saving you money from various issues that would need fixing.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Roof & Wall Coatings

The products we offer come with a manufacturers guarantee and are also certified by the UKAS laboratory Lucideon. To get started with your home improvements or for more information on the services that we offer, contact our team now

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