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AirEx - Smart Ventilation Control Bodmin

Protec now proudly offer AirEx Smart Ventilation Control in Bodmin for domestic & commercial properties.

AirEx is a smart ventilation control that replaces existing airbricks. AirEx units have sensors that measure cavity conditions. They’re smart enough to enable automatic air flow regulation while taking into account the current climate conditions.

The smart bricks can be installed easily as a replacement to existing airbricks. The bricks open and close automatically to reduce humidity and reduce heat loss. The system uses AI and is able to learn when you’re at home to maximise efficiency.

AirEx reduces humidity and heat loss, ultimately improving the energy efficiency of your home. This puts a stop to mould and damp and prevents unwanted temperature reductions.

Key Benefits

A More Thermal Efficient Home

Rooms will warm up faster and you won’t have any unwanted draughts. This means you could use up to 15% less energy heating your home, which in turn means lower energy bills.

Sustainable Energy

Protec Insulation are committed to providing the best green energy solutions for your home. AirEx means we can provide smart ventilation control to Bodmin, making homes more sustainable and energy efficient.

Easy to Install & Cost Effective

AirEx is easy to install and won’t break the bank. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade your home. Studies have shown that your annual fuel bill savings will cover your capital costs within 2-3 years.

Why Choose AirEx Over Traditional Airbricks?

Constantly open airbricks can contribute to up to 15% of wasted energy heating your home. Because they allow the air to flow through your home all the time, they bring in a cold, uncomfortable draught.

Our smart ventilation control in Bodmin means that your home will retain heat and have better indoor air quality.

Ventilation is essential for homes. Without it, condensation will form which causes mould and timber rot. Excessive ventilation that comes from traditional airbricks is inefficient, which is the reason AirEx was designed.

AirEx is designed to regulate the airflow into your home so you’re only getting the ventilation that you need. With smart brick technology, your home will run more efficiently and feel more comfortable too.

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How Is AirEx Installed?

Installation is a breeze. No wiring or electrical work is needed. A certified installer will just need a couple of hours to replace your existing airbricks. Then, you’ll get an AirEx Home Hub which connects to your WiFi. You won’t need to do anything once you’re set up, simply fit, forget and reap the rewards.

Getting smart ventilation control in Bodmin and the surrounding areas is as simple as giving Protec Insulation a call. We can optimise your home in no time and choose the best solutions for your energy needs.

What Maintenance Does AirEx Require?

Your AirEx system will only need a quick battery change once every 3-5 years. Each vent requires 3 alkaline D cells. These batteries are cheap and can be bought in most supermarkets.

The AirEx Home Hub has an LED display. There are 4 different colours that indicate the health of your vents. If anything requires maintenance, the hub will tell you exactly where the issue is. This makes faults really simple to diagnose and quick to remedy.

For more information, watch this helpful video! 

Get Smart Ventilation Control In Bodmin Today

Give us a call to find out more about smart ventilation control in Bodmin. We offer a bespoke service and pride ourselves on our green energy solutions. Protec Insulation will complete a free survey of your property before presenting you with a quote to optimise your home. Our prices are competitive and an energy efficient home means lower bills in the long run.

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