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Infrared Heaters

How Infrared Heating Works

Infrared heating is becoming more and more popular in many homes. It’s a great way to warm up a property and the panels look great too. Along with many other benefits, it is an efficient and low emission alternative to more popular heating systems. So, how exactly does it work?

Convectional Heating

Most heaters in your house probably don’t work the same way that infrared heating does. Usual methods like radiators warm up a room through convection. This involves heating up the air slowly and allowing it to spread throughout a space. As opposed to convection, the infrared systems deliver heat through radiation.


One of the downsides of normal radiators is that the hot air can easily escape through draughts or not hold well in poorly insulated rooms. That moving air can also pick up and carry dust, which might trigger respiratory and skin problems. Along with the benefit of improved health, infrared heating helps to keep a room snug. With these panels, air won’t be moving around as much in your home because it delivers warmth in a different way.

The Science Behind Infrared Heating

Infrared heating works by warming objects instead of the air around you. It uses electricity, rather than gas, which is much more environmentally friendly due to the many low-emission ways there are to produce it. They convert this electricity into radiant heat, and this is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Rather than warming the air, it works by heating objects like yourself, the furniture and walls in a room. These things will absorb the radiation waves and heat up. The warmth that you receive can be compared to the same feeling as sunlight on your skin. So, if cold winter mornings are not your cup of tea, then these stylish panels are perfect as you don’t have to wait long for them to provide you with warmth.

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If you’re interested in getting infrared heating panels for your home, then get in touch with us now. Our friendly team can help to supply and install your new panels so you can keep your home warm. Our selection of panels are sleek and stylish, fitting in seamlessly with your home decor. They’re available in neutral or mirrored finishes.

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