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Ev Charging

Are Home EV Chargers Worth it? And Other FAQs

EV chargers are an excellent addition to both domestic and commercial properties. With the amount of electric vehicles on the road, they’re more popular than ever.

So, are they worth getting?

EV chargers at a property are worth getting for the convenience, peace of mind, and cost savings. It is convenient to be able to charge your car on your own property, and not worry about finding a public station before your journey. It also gives you peace of mind that you won’t be low on charge for morning commutes or emergency journeys.

If you own a business or a commercial property, this can be a great feature for both staff and visitors. This encourages electric car drivers to visit the business and ultimately spend more time on your premises. For store owners, this could be quite beneficial for sales.

EV Charging

Do EV Chargers Increase Property Value?

Having an electric charging point on your property could up the selling price of the building. They bring many benefits and futureproof a building for a time when electric cars are even more widespread.

Is It Cheaper To Charge An Electric Car At Home?

The price of public electric car charge stations can rack up quite the bill. Having personal EV charging is going to be more cost effective according to the Energy Saving Trust. As public stations are going to be looking for profit, they are going to cost more. The Energy Saving Trust states that it could cost double the amount to frequent these public charging points.

Electric Car Charging Station For Charge Ev Battery. Plug For Ve

When Is The Best Time To Charge An Electric Car?

Much like any electricity, the time of day for EV charging can affect how much it costs. Generally speaking, plugging your car in at night will be more cost-effective. The nighttime is when electricity consumption is at its lowest, so it can be cheaper than using it at peak time. Rates can differ because of many factors, but for most households overnight is the best option.

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